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about usGold, Oil and Diamonds:  A magazine produced with CARE.

Our Mission: To turn our readers into millionaires.

Gold, Oil and Diamonds (formerly My Making Money Magazine)  is part of Mithra Publishing,  the publishing house behind the valuable guide books,  Financial Independence and Property Investment 3.0

Our mission is to turn our readers into millionaires by providing them with useful, practical and valuable advice written by people who know about money.

Gold, Oil and Diamonds is not a news magazine.  There are too many of these already.   Rather, we are a magazine produced with CARE

Commentary, Analysis, Reflection  and Experience

Our mandate is to provide readers with the information they need to make smart decisions on how to create wealth and become millionaire.  Gold, Oil and Diamonds targets the hottest financial topics of the day in business, investing, personal finance, real estate, Internet business, and retirement.

But we also go beyond the typical financial knowledge. We challenge the conventional wisdom, and we tell the stories of success. We expand the meaning of wealth, showing how it can align with passion and purpose. We show how to leverage wealth for a better life.

We accomplish our mission by:

• Empowering investors with the knowledge to make smart financial decisions.
• Discovering opportunity, regardless of overall economic conditions.
• Challenging the old ideas about wealth, and championing the new ideas that work.
• Connecting people with resources and other people to build wealth.
• Unleashing the power of wealth to build a better world for all.

We believe that:

• Financial opportunity never sleeps—and is always present.
• The rules for building wealth have not changed, but the tactics have.
• All investors must take command of their wealth and learn continually.
• Wealth is bigger and better than money itself.

Gold, Oil and Diamonds includes practical investment and wealth generating advice from some of the smartest minds in investment, business and personal finance.

Our thought provoking articles provides solid advice for all income levels by profiling real people and the financial steps they can take.

Gold, Oil and Diamonds editor  Kizzi Nkwocha

me3-hi resKizzi Nkwocha has been a journalist and media consultant for over twenty years.

He has edited a number of B2B titles as well as presented shows on TV and radio.  In 2011 his team won the SIPA award for social media.

His books have included the fiction novel,  Heavens Fire,  the business guide books: Business, Business, Business !,   Mind  Your Own Business,  Insiders Know-How: Public Relations and the international bestseller  SocMed: Social Media For Business.


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